Length : 94” (2438)
Width : 52“ (1372)
Height : 88” (2286)

Length : 98.25” (2540)
Width : 57” (1448)
Height : 90” (2286)


Length:94” (2438)
Width:78” (1981)
Height:88” (2286)

Length : 98.25” (2540)
Width : 80” (2134)
Height : 90” (2286)



Both standard and deluxe Quest Float Suites come standard equipped with 4 in-tank heaters for maximum performance. 2 heaters are installed on the bottom of the tank while the second set are along the side walls which create convection heating of the solution keeping you floating in the center of the tank. Titanium inline heat efficiently heats the tank when not in use, while the in-tank heaters keep the temperature steady for long float sessions.


Composite Finish

There are several options of composite finished for your float room from the least expensive FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), acrylic panels, and our favorite Utilite panel system.


Wood Finish

For a more natural look you can use a wood finish which is sure to impress.


Tile Finish

The classic finish for any float room looks good every time.


Mermaid Finish

For a custom look with a premium finish that will last for years Mermaid panels are an ideal finish. Mermaid panels come in over 100 finish designs and are imported from Europe.

Exterior Finishes and Cladding

The Quest Float Suites come as “non-finished” and will require the final finish to be applied to the front/surround of the tank. The finishes are not included and are generally part of the room design and build out. The finish walls/surround are not structural and are installed after the tank is set into its final location.

Composite Web.jpg

Advanced Composite Design :

The construction of the Superior Float Room brings advanced aerospace techniques and materials into the floatation industry. Our float rooms feature a solid 1 1/2 inch (38mm) solid foam core encased between the fiberglass composite resin which is machined and manufactured to be ultra light and rigid.

Thermally Insulated:

The float room is thermally insulated from top to bottom for maximum performance against heat loss. This benefit allows for consistent water temperature during both long and short float sessions. As a benefit the float room is the most energy efficient tank on the market.

Sound Proof:

A benefit from the solid core insulation is it prevents sound from penetrating the walls better: keeping the room silent. Under the base of the float room, anti-vibration pads may be added to further increase the sound proofing by minimizing vibrations from the floor.


Active Ventilation

All Quest Float Suites come equipped with active ventilation for removing the humidity buildup and for fresh air inside of the float suite. This makes for a more comfortable float experience from start to finish.


Fiber-Optic Starlight

All Superior Float Tanks have the option of micro-drilled fiber-optic star ceilings. The user is in full control of transitioning between LED light, starlight, and darkness.

diamond floor2.jpg

Anti-slip Diamond Flooring

All Quest Float Suites come standard with diamond-shaped grooves for an anti-slip flooring texture to ensure safe entry and exit of the float suite. The perfect balance between too rough and too slick.


Exterior Fiberglass Cladding

An optional upgrade for the Quest Float Suites is our exterior fiberglass cladding system for freestanding tanks. This option is an upgrade.